The CSIRO Conference on Computational and Data Intensive Science


Presentation Guidelines

Thank you for agreeing to present a paper at the CSIRO Conference on Computational and Data Intensive Science and associated Workshops.

The audience for your presentation will represent a wide range of disciplines in CSIRO as well as external participants. You should prepare a talk that will be accessible to such a diverse audience.

Your Session organiser will advise you of the time allocated for your talk. We ask that speakers prepare presentations that allow at least five minutes for questions and discussion.

The title and an abstract of 50-100 words are due by 5:00pm, 1 May 2017 and should be sent to our general contact:  Kristina Johnson.

The conference will be providing a laptop and data projection facilities for your presentation. If you require any additional facilities, please advise your Session organiser well in advance of the conference.

All presentations (preferably in PowerPoint) should be sent to your session organiser prior to the start of the conference July 1 2017, so that they can be assembled and loaded prior to the conference commencing.

Chairperson Guidelines

Session organisers are requested to advise each of their speakers of the time allocated for their talk. Close to the end of their talk, please give the speaker a five minute and then a one minute warning.

If you need to intervene with a presenter who speaks over their allotted time, we suggest standing up and walking toward the speaker to indicate that ‘time is up!’ Please let the speaker know what the five minute, one minute and standing up warnings mean – so they are very clear as to what their chairperson is indicating to them.

There will be a data projector available for the presentations but all session organisers will need to bring their own laptop. We have asked speakers to advise their Session organiser if they have additional presentation requirements.

Please familiarise yourself with the titles of the session you will be chairing. These will be available in the C3DIS Program .

If you have any further queries regarding your chairperson duties at the conference please contact the Session organiser or a member of the organising committee (listed on the Contacts).

Poster Guidelines

Each poster board will be individually numbered and each poster presenter will be allocated a poster board number when they register on Tuesday July 18, 2017.

Posters will be displayed on poster boards in the pre-function areas in the Clarendon Auditorium Foyer.  The boards will be set up on Tuesday morning (July 18 2017).

Posters should not be taken down before the end of lunchtime on Wednesday July 19.

If you need to store any display items please ask at the conference information desk.

Please arrange to be available at your poster presentation during lunch and tea breaks, to discuss the work displayed with conference participants.

For further information regarding presentations and workshops, speak to a person from the contacts list.

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The C3DIS 2017 will bring together researchers with computational and data science specialists from CSIRO, publicly funded research organisations and other invited institutions and organisations. This will enable attendees to share their science outcomes and learnings, and build a community of practice around Computational and Data Intensive science.

Free for CSIRO staff and invited participants