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AARNet – Data Movement Essentials

Data movement essentials workshop

So, your volume of research data is growing daily and your resources are getting stretched. You’re considering how you could make best use of the investment in research cloud infrastructure, but migrating such large volumes of data is a daunting prospect.

“There’s just too much data, and the network’s too slow!” you think to yourself…

It is true that many large data transfers achieve speeds often orders of magnitude slower than they should be, and in general many struggle to understand the cause. But there is hope! Before you consider pulling all that storage from the rack and hiring a truck, you should know that it is now possible to move 1 Petabyte from point to point across the research network in a single day!

This workshop aims to drastically increase the expectations of researchers to be able to move data, no matter the volume. You’ll gain a fundamental understanding of the architecture and tools required for utilising all the available bandwidth across the research network, whether your collaborators are across town or on the other side of the planet.


Date and time

Monday 17th July, 2017.

Half day workshop, 1:30pm to 5:00pm.


Room: Clarendon F, level 2.
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
1 Convention Place, Melbourne, Victoria

Contact information

Brett Rosolen, AARNet

Chris Myers, AARNet

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The C3DIS 2017 will bring together researchers with computational and data science specialists from CSIRO, publicly funded research organisations and other invited institutions and organisations. This will enable attendees to share their science outcomes and learnings, and build a community of practice around Computational and Data Intensive science.

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