The CSIRO Conference on Computational and Data Intensive Science

Science software development

Workshop summary

The workshop will discuss best practices for the development of science software, including tools and processes currently used by teams within CSIRO and opportunities for improvement.

Presentations and discussion may include:

  • Software Engineering for Performance
    • Code Modernisation / Application Readiness
    • Porting software to multi-core, distributed, and/or GPU environments, and especially high performance computing facilities
    • Performance analysis, tuning and optimisation
    • High Performance Computing Roadmap
  • Software Engineering for Reproducibility
    • Correctness – Debugging, Numerical error analysis
    • Writing portable code – reducing dependencies on a given machine or operating system
    • Sharing software and code publication
    • Packaging and Deployment – ensuring software can be readily installed
    • The possible role of Docker
  • Software Engineering for Sustainability
    • Maintenance / Support – setting up bug tracking and support channels
    • Verification and Testing – incorporating test cases and/or unit tests into software packaging, exploring continuous integration
    • Version Control
    • Moving from research prototypes to production code
    • How to run a software development project
    • How to coordinate / manage a team of developers

There is no fixed agenda; instead a few short presentations on existing & best practices will be interleaved with group discussion, questions, and brainstorming on improving CSIRO’s software development activities.


Participants should have an interest in software development – researchers, tool builders, and project managers are all welcome.

Date and time

Friday 4th March, 2016.  9:00am to 5:00pm.


Room: Clarendon D, level 2.
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
1 Convention Place, Melbourne, Victoria

Contact information

Sam Moskwa

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The C3DIS 2017 will bring together researchers with computational and data science specialists from CSIRO, publicly funded research organisations and other invited institutions and organisations. This will enable attendees to share their science outcomes and learnings, and build a community of practice around Computational and Data Intensive science.

Free for CSIRO staff and invited participants