Indian Ocean Rim Climate Change Adaptation Program: Improving Regional Cooperation

Disaster Resilience and Risk Management (DRRM) Community of Practice (CoP)

Disaster Resilience and Risk Management (DRRM) Community of Practice (CoP)
A Disaster resilience and risk management Community of Practice based on the Indian Ocean Rim Climate Change Adaptation Workshop

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A Community of Practice (CoP) brings together people to share their knowledge and create better working practices. A CoP has four primary roles:



• Connecting members;
• Validating good practice;
• Organising collective knowledge;
• Developing innovative ideas.

Benefits of CoP membership are:
• Rapid orientation and networking;
• Assistance in daily work;
• Access to experts and colleagues;
• Opportunity to boost own reputation;
• Sense of identity, belonging and purpose.

DRRM CoP aims

The principle objectives of the DRRM CoP, reflecting and adding to those of the Indian Ocean Rim (IOR) Climate Change Adaptation Workshop, are to:
• connect partners to encourage interactions before and after the workshop;
• learn collaboratively about expected climate changes and their potential impacts on the IOR;
• share experiences on climate adaptation research and responses in the region and across sectors;
• share information, including useful links to web resources, to build an online resource of references, etc.;
• explore current situation and gaps in integrating climate adaptation into a range of relevant sectors;
• enable sharing of ideas and best practice, enable ongoing learning, and provide a strategic approach to improve research cooperation in the IOR region; and
• build on the knowledge shared at the workshop to develop innovative ideas to increase knowledge.

Benefits to participants of the CoP include networking opportunity (building relationships between the organisations across the region); opportunities to gain more benefit from participation in the workshop; increased sense of community; sharing of ideas across the science and support areas across the partner organisations; increased impact from science; potential to participate in a larger project.

The Community will work towards the common goal of developing understanding of climate change impacts, and adaptation options, for the region, including increasing disaster resilience and managing associated risk, as well as effective communication of research to raise awareness, increase understanding and influence behavioural change.

Participation includes climate scientists, business development professionals, communicators and others in CSIRO in Australia, climate scientists and other staff in approximately 30 organisations from Bangladesh, Comoros, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, and Yemen.

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