Help us shape the future of AI innovation and climate action

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and artificial intelligence holds immense potential to drive positive change.

The AI for Climate Symposium – Innovating for a sustainable and thriving future in a changing climate aims to bring together industry, government and researchers to explore how AI can help us responsibly adapt to and mitigate climate change

This 2-day Symposium will be held on 16-17 October at the iconic State Library Victoria in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.

The symposium will unpack the potential for climate-related AI use case studies across agriculture, infrastructure, emergency management and many more.

Limited Early Bird Tickets available now, save up to 45% off standard General Admission until 9th August 2024

Why attend?

Gain insights from experts who are leveraging AI for climate adaptation and mitigation

Network across disciplines to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and exchange innovative ideas

Learn from real-world case studies of successful applications of AI in climate and gain practical policy, business and research insights

Unpack ethical innovation by engaging in conversations around responsible AI practices in the context of AI for climate adaptation and mitigation

Shape the future of climate-related AI in Australia and how AI can be used to address our most pressing climate challenges

Climate solutions design sprint

Participate in a design sprint focused on exploring opportunities to use AI to solve our greatest climate challenges.

You will have the chance to work in teams that span government, industry and academia to develop and pitch a solution.

Do you have a climate mitigation or adaptation challenge that you need to solve? These use cases could be among some of the challenges that we’ll be looking to solve in this design sprint.


We’re keen to hear your ideas for speakers and symposium topics. Reach out