Thursday, 2 November 2017 

09:00 Registration
09:20 Welcome and Intro Melita Keywood
  Session 1 – Marine Environment Melita Keywood
09:40 In situ profiles of aerosol from tethered aerostat at sea Mike Harvey
10:00 Recent measurements of aerosols in the Southern Ocean Ruhi Humphries
10:20 Airborne Characterization of Particle Emission Rates from Ships Zoran Ristovski
10:40 Aerosol measurements made with AIRBOX at Mission Beach Robyn Schofield
11:00 Morning tea
  Session 2 – Wind blown aerosols Zoran Ristovski
11:30 Near Sea Surface Marine Aerosols – Effects, Measurements and Modelling Zoran Zegerac
11:50 Saharan dust transport over Northeastern Brazil as detected by a ground-based depolarization Lidar: First quality control tests and presentation of a case study from the MOLOTOV-I campaign in 2016/2017 Judith Hoelzemann
12:10 A simple statistical model for grass pollen in Australia Jeremy Silver
12:30 First estimates of pollen flux from November 2016 Thunderstorm Asthma event. Kathryn Emmerson
12:50 Lunch
  Session 3 – Secondary aerosols Robyn Schofield
14:00 The role of NH3in aerosol nucleation and growth from photo-oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons: a smog chamber study Kangwei Li
14:20 CIMS and its Application in Aerosol Science Godday Osuagwu Chiemeriwo
14:40 Secondary aerosol formation from VOC-mixture smog chamber experiments Steve White
15:00 An initial application of GLOMAP for regional aerosol modelling in Australia Martin Cope
15:20 A novel approach of quantifying volatile and semi-volatile particle-bound organics and inorganics using SIFT-MS with thermal desorption Zhi Ning
15:40 Afternoon tea  
  Session 4 – Particulate Matter Mike Harvey
16:00 Australian aerosol and cloud condensation nucleii (CCN) Rosie Fedele
16:20 Analysis of PM2.5 time series data using a variety of spectral analysis techniques Rob Hynes
16:40 Simulation of particulate matter in Sydney during the 2013 heatwave Steve Utembe
17:00 Seasonal cyclic background PM10 determined for a remote inland site Matthew Pickett
17:20 End Day 1
18:30 Conference dinner at Mannow Thai, Mordialloc  


Friday, 3 November 2017

  Session 5 – Urban Environment Fabienne Reisen
09:30 Modeling study and analysis of heavily polluted event over the Northeastern Pakistan Muhammad Zeeshaan Shahid
09:50 Comparing performance of a low-cost dust sensor for different sources Guy Coulson
  Special Session – Manufacturers Ruhi Humphries
10:10 Ecotech
10:20 Kenelec
10:30 Lear Siegler Australasia
10:40 Thomson Environmental Systems
10:50 Morning tea  
Session 6 – Smoke & SOA Kathryn Emmerson
11:30 Biogenic SOA and its relation to C14 Melita Keywood
11:50 Influence of quasi-natural outdoor fires on urban air pollution burden in Malaysia: potential factors and implication of health risk Firoz Khan
12:10 Engaging Students in PM Monitoring Fabienne Reisen
12:30 Conference Close Melita Keywood
12:40 Lunch



Posters will be mounted in and around where lunch and breaks will be held. Please make sure you track down the presenter and chat to them about their work!

Jack Simmons Aerosol number concentrations crossing the Polar Front off east Antarctica
Roland Stirnberg Regional Patterns of Air Quality Derived From Satellite Aerosol Optical Depth Data