OceanMAPS is the Ocean Modelling, Analysis, and Prediction System – and is Australia’s operational, short-range ocean forecast system. OceanMAPS was developed under BLUElink, and first became operational at the Bureau of Meteorology in September 2007.

OceanMAPS produces 7-day forecasts of the ocean circulation around Australia (900-180E, south of 20N) every day. For access to the latest OceanMAPS forecast seeĀ http://www.bom.gov.au/oceanography/forecasts/index.shtml.

System Description

OceanMAPS is underpinned by the Ocean Forecasting Australia Model (OFAM), and the Bluelink Ocean Data Assimilation System (BODAS), in a near-real-time operational system that is similar to the Bluelink ReANalysis (BRAN).



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Bluelink ocean forecasting Australia

Bluelink was established in 2001, as a partnership between CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology, and the Royal Australian Navy, with the goal of developing an operational forecasting system for the global ocean circulation around Australia.

The Bluelink research team continues to develop forecasting capabilities for ocean circulation on scales ranging from global eddy-scales, regional shelf-scales and littoral beach-scales, for the benefit of the Australian community.

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