OceanMAPS is the Ocean Modelling, Analysis, and Prediction System – and is Australia’s operational, short-range ocean forecast system. OceanMAPS was developed under BLUElink, and first became operational at the Bureau of Meteorology in September 2007.

OceanMAPS produces 7-day forecasts of the ocean circulation around Australia (900-180E, south of 20N) every day. For access to the latest OceanMAPS forecast see http://www.bom.gov.au/oceanography/forecasts/index.shtml.

System Description

OceanMAPS is underpinned by the Ocean Forecasting Australia Model (OFAM), and the Bluelink Ocean Data Assimilation System (BODAS), in a near-real-time operational system that is similar to the Bluelink ReANalysis (BRAN).