2013 January – Bluelink contributes to improved Global Ocean forecasting

Peter Oke and Gary Brassington are interviewed by ABC TV –

2012 November – Bluelink in the surf zone

Graham Symonds interviewd by ABC Stateline (WA) on BlueLINK forecasting in the surf zone –

2010 June – Bluelink on Catalyst

David Griffin and Gary Brassington describe how Bluelink is developing an ocean forecast system to support the Royal Australian Navy – 

2008 – Bluelink Helps in HMAS Sydney search

Scientific modelling used in Australia’s first ocean forecasting system, BLUElink, was one of the tools applied by the team that located the HMAS Sydney 250 kilometres off the Western Australian coast –

2008 – Bluelink team nominated for Eureka Prize

Science in support of Defence or National Security – Bluelink Eureka Nomination

2007 August – Bluelink uncovers ocean secrets

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Bluelink ocean forecasting Australia

Bluelink was established in 2001, as a partnership between CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology, and the Royal Australian Navy, with the goal of developing an operational forecasting system for the global ocean circulation around Australia.

The Bluelink research team continues to develop forecasting capabilities for ocean circulation on scales ranging from global eddy-scales, regional shelf-scales and littoral beach-scales, for the benefit of the Australian community.

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