The CSIRO Conference on Computational and Data Intensive Science


Workshop summary

MOOSE is a finite element solver designed to solve your physics. See . The number of MOOSE developers and users within CSIRO is growing, and an increasing number of physics and engineering problems are being solved using MOOSE. This workshop is designed to appeal to both beginners and veterans.


9am – 10:30am. General Introduction to MOOSE

This part of the workshop is designed to appeal to those who are wondering what MOOSE is and how they might use MOOSE in their own work.

Current users of MOOSE will present 2 slides each demonstrating the capabilities of MOOSE. Lots of audience participation is encouraged. We also hope to run MOOSE in real-time during the presentations to demonstrate the typical MOOSE workflow.


10:30am – 11am. Morning tea


11am – 12:30pm. Planning future MOOSE developments

Participants will discuss their goals for future MOOSE developments, with the aim of identifying a coordinated collaborative approach.

Date and time

Friday 4th March, 2016.  9am to 12:30pm (approximately).


Venue: Energy Conference Room, Clayton.

How to get there: The Energy Conference room is in the building at Clayton North, 71 Normanby Road Clayton, Gate 7, on the north side of the road, down towards the roundabout at Howley’s road. There’s visitor parking just near the main entrance. Gate 7 (signed, with a CSIRO logo) is a brown brick gatehouse which leads into the carpark, which is easily visible from the road through the mesh fence. There’s no reception in this building, so there are two options for access:

1) ring Jonathan Ennis-King on ext 5345 or 0434 863974, and someone will come down and meet you at the front door. There is an internal phone outside the main entrance

2) Go the reception at Clayton East (Gate 3, on the south side of Normanby Road, and follows the signs), and ask them to ring Jonathan Ennis-King or Tara LaForce.

The room is on the first floor, in the Energy section of building 003.

Contact information

Andy Wilkins

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The C3DIS 2017 will bring together researchers with computational and data science specialists from CSIRO, publicly funded research organisations and other invited institutions and organisations. This will enable attendees to share their science outcomes and learnings, and build a community of practice around Computational and Data Intensive science.

Free for CSIRO staff and invited participants