Best practice in the emerging advanced recycling sector

June 24th, 2024

Presentation by Andrea Polson (Licella)

Advanced recycling (or chemical recycling) transforms plastic back into its chemical building blocks (in the form of oil) and enables a continuously circular economy for soft plastic, by enabling the production of food-grade recycled content for packaging.

The session will explore best practices and available advanced recycling technologies, alongside some of the policy mechanisms required to support this new market.

The presentation will address the development of standards to ensure consistency and quality in advanced recycling, and examine current EU policy developments related to the adoption of a mass balance approach. Additionally, it will highlight how Australia can learn from more mature markets overseas, adopting policies and best practices that drive circular economy principles.

The talk will reinforce the importance of a systems-wide approach where cost, risk and rewards are shared among the value chain. It will discuss technological advancements in chemical recycling, case studies, and effective strategies for improving efficiency and scalability.