Deborah Glass, Monash University

June 20th, 2024

A/ Prof Deb Glass

Professor Deborah Glass MA, MSc, PhD, Cert Ed, Dip Occ Hyg, FAIOH Monash Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health at Monash University. Deborah worked in industry as an occupational hygienist and at Birmingham University, as a consultant occupational hygienist and academic.  She joined Monash University in 1998.  She works in the field of exposure assessment for epidemiology, including petroleum industry, firefighters, coal mine workers and silicosis from artificial stone.  She has published over 250 papers, reports etc. She is on the External Affairs Committee of the AIOH, has served on AIOH Council, the Certification subcommittee, Mentoring and Education subcommittees.  She is a founder member of the Occupational and Environmental subcommittee of the Cancer Council of Australia and is on the ACGIH TLV committee.