Fereshteh Nayyeri, CSIRO

May 31st, 2024

Fereshteh is a postdoctoral research fellow selected via the “Impossible Without You” campaign in 2023. She has a robust background in designing and implementing cutting-edge AI architectures for image analysis across diverse domains. Recently, Fereshteh has developed a strong passion for environmental initiatives. Her primary focus currently lies in the Ending Plastic Waste mission, aiming to combat plastic pollution in marine life and environments. Additionally, she has played a pivotal role in a pilot study utilising AI for koala behaviour detection and classification, contributing to the protection of these iconic animals from road accidents. Her research portfolio extends across diverse projects, including civil engineering, environmental imaging, and biomedical imaging. Fereshteh is always seeking to leverage her expertise and passion for innovation where she can contribute to impactful projects and drive meaningful change.