Jim Coulston, Vinyl Council of Australia

June 4th, 2024

Jim Coulston serves as the Chief Executive of the Vinyl Council of Australia. In this role he develops and executes strategies and tactics aimed at protecting and promoting the PVC brand to key stakeholders and specifiers and enhancing the industry‚Äôs opportunities for sustainable growth in Australia.

An all-rounder, with 35 years of polyolefins industry experience with Shell Chemicals and its successor companies, Montell, Basell, and LyondellBasell, in various technical, commercial, and senior managerial roles spanning Australia, New Zealand and Asia, Jim brings a unique and fresh perspective to the Vinyl Council of Australia.

Jim has an enthusiastic conviction that vinyl products have a valuable role to play in a sustainable society and advocates for the responsible manufacture, use, re-use, and disposal of PVC products across their lifecycle. Jim is committed to leveraging the successful VCA PVC Stewardship Program and, recently updated, Best Environmental Practice PVC scheme to deliver ongoing industry advances and operation to the highest standard. 

 Jim holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of New South Wales.