Magnetic MOF-based adsorbent for effective removal of microplastics

June 21st, 2024

Presentation by Professor Nicky Eshtiaghi (RMIT University)

Micro and nanoplastics (MNPs) contamination are an escalating environmental issue due to their persistence, toxicity, and adverse health impacts on humans and wildlife. Traditional wastewater treatment systems are not designed to capture these tiny particles effectively. To tackle this challenge, Magnetic MOF-based adsorbents offer a promising solution for the effective removal of microplastics from contaminated water sources. Their combination of high adsorption capacity and ease of magnetic separation makes them suitable for both laboratory and real-world applications, contributing to the mitigation of MNP pollution and its associated risks to human health and the environment. The developed material at RMIT can remove cationic and anionic microplastics (30 nm to 3 ┬Ám) in 15-60 mins both in pure and salty water.