Poster Session 2

Session time: 5:15pm – 5:25pm

Location: Ballroom promenade

Heru Susanto (IPPIN)

Poster 2: Characterisation of pyrolysis oil from mixed plastic waste and PVC by Bank Sampah Banjarnegara as a potential renewable fuel

Rewadee Anuwattana (IPPIN)

Poster 7: Technology and innovation for municipal solid waste management and value-added creation according to circular economy concept

Dr Rewadee Anuwattana has working experience in environmental research and waste management of more than 20 years. She received PhD (Environmental Technology) from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand. She worked as a researcher (2007-2014) and shifted to senior researcher (2014-2023) and research expert (2023 – Present). She is an expert in solid waste management, waste utilisation, wastewater treatment and water purification.

Sirajum Monira and Biplob Pramanik (RMIT University)

Poster 12: Rapid fragmentation of microplastics into nanoplastics due to mechanical forces used in the wastewater treatment plants

Sirajum Monira is a PhD student in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering at RMIT University, supported by an RTP Stipend Scholarship (RSS). She successfully completed her Master’s by Research in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering at RMIT University. Her current research focuses on the fate and control of microplastics in wastewater treatment plants.

Dr Biplob Pramanik, a Senior Lecturer and ARC DECRA Fellow at RMIT University, previously held positions at La Trobe University as a Lecturer and as a Vice-Chancellor Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Wollongong. He earned his PhD from RMIT University in 2016. His research investigates the fate and control of emerging pollutants (such as nano/microplastics) in water and wastewater, alongside the utilisation of waste materials in civil engineering applications. To date, he has published over 130 articles in international peer-reviewed journals.

Rajkamal Balu (RMIT University)

Poster 17: Upcycling post-consumer plastic waste: natural fibre reinforced paint packaging composites

Dr Rajkamal Balu is a Research Fellow in the Chemical and Environmental Engineering discipline at RMIT University. He received his PhD from the University of South Australia in 2016. His research interest includes the development of polymer and composite materials for biomedical, energy, and environmental applications.

Wei Ni (CSIRO)

Poster 22: Optimising waste management networks: a graph-theoretical approach to enhancing circularity measures

Jenny Lynch (NRG Alliance)

Poster 27: NRG Alliance

Gavin Walker (CSIRO)

Poster 32: Plastic Research Network Australia: facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing and insight

Gavin is an experimental scientist with over 30 years experience in information systems, helping data be effective in solving real world problems. He has worked in infrastructure planning, hydrological data sharing, transport simulation, sensor systems, virtual education, government data sharing, market design, and more recently waste. Gavin is examining the managed waste system, looking for new information flows and analytics, for consumers and businesses, with confidentiality.