Poster Session 5

Session time: 5:45pm – 5:55pm

Location: Ballroom promenade

Ratna Etie Puspita Dewi (IPPIN)

Poster 5: Environmental impact assessment on plastic waste pyrolysis: case study in Banjarnegara District, Indonesia

Muhammad Haris (RMIT University)

Poster 10: Prototyping capturing of Nnao/microplastics from simulated seawater and water

Karishma Jain (RMIT University)

Poster 15: 2D MOF-Carbon nanofiber composite membrane for efficient removal of microplastics

Samuel A Smith (CSIRO)

Poster 20: Continuous, low Energy, recycling of plastics

Michael Batten (CSIRO/IPPIN)

Poster 25: TBC

Kathryn Willis (CSIRO)

Poster 30: ‘Ending plastic waste: community actions around the world’ book