Sustainable microplastics management: capture, upcycling and utilisation

June 21st, 2024

Presentation by Professor Bing-Jie Ni (UNSW)

Micro(nano)plastics (MNPs), defined as plastic particles < 5mm in size, have aroused increasing concerns as they pose threats to aquatic species and human beings. Removing MNPs from water bodies thus becomes an important issue. Currently, a series of methods have been developed to extract MNPs from water, and magnetic separation has attracted great interest due to its easy operation, high capacity, and less waste sludge. However, conventional magnetic separation process has many limits. In addition, most of current studies only focus on extracting MNPs from water, how to further manage the collected plastic waste is less explored. Based on the recent research outcomes of his group, Prof Ni will present a novel dynamic magnetic separation technology for the sustainable management of MNPs in different water systems. The talk will also cover the opportunities and strategies for upcycling and utilisation of the captured MNPs.