Wijarn Simachaya, Thailand Environment Institute (TEI)

June 25th, 2024

Dr Wijarn Simachaya is the current President of Thailand Environment Institute (TEI), the Secretary-General of Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development (TBCSD), a Chairman of Circular Economy Sub-committee under National Agenda BCG Economy Model and President of Thai Sustainable Consumption and Production Network (Thai SCP Network). He is the former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE), Thailand, and he has played an active role in facilitating climate change and environment-related policies in Thailand. Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) plays a significant role in promoting an international standard of environmental management and sustainable development, covering the three dimensions of sustainability (economic, social, and environment), both nationally and regionally. 

Dr Simachaya holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Education and Law from Chiang Mai and Ramkhamhaeng Universities respectively, a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Kasetsart University, and a Graduate Diploma in Sanitary Engineering from Chulalongkorn University. His highest degree is a Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) in Environmental Engineering from University of Guelph, Canada in 1990. He also received honorary doctoral degrees in Environmental Science, Environmental Management and Environmental Education from seven leading universities in Thailand.