Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Site remediation and conservation at CSIRO Highett

Following the completion of all activities at Highett, CSIRO is finalising the sale of its former research site. CSIRO is giving 3 ha of the site to the community for conservation of the Highett Grassy Woodlands, and an additional 1 ha of land to the Bayside City Council for public open space.

Why is CSIRO doing this?

As a long time part of the Highett community, CSIRO opted, through an agreement with Bayside City Council, to give 3 ha of the site including the Highett Grassy Woodlands, back to the community. As a responsible property owner, CSIRO ensured the remainder of the Highett site was remediated so that it was fit for future use. This included removing any potentially hazardous materials located on the site.

Why is CSIRO selling the site?

CSIRO is divesting the Highett site in line with Commonwealth property disposal policy using an open market process. Selling the site follows on from the consolidation of CSIRO activities to other sites in Victoria.

What has the project involved?

The Highett works included demolishing buildings and remediating the site in line with current requirements and regulations.

Were impacts to trees avoided?

CSIRO recognised the value that the local community placed on trees and where possible aimed to minimise tree removal. This commitment led to CSIRO’s agreement to give the community 3 ha of the site for Highett Grassy Woodland conservation. After seeking advice on tree species from the Bayside City Council, CSIRO planted trees on the site in April 2020 and has provided funds to the developer for further tree plantings.

How has CSIRO been communicating with the community about the project?

CSIRO has been regularly communicating with the community about the project since the second half of 2015. Our communication with the community has included through face-to face meetings, letters, newsletters, doorknocks, this public website, FAQs and feedback hotline and dedicated email. We provided 10 community updates during 2018, 6 more in 2019, and 2 in 2020 covering various topics related to the works in progress.

Where can I get more information about the project?

If you would like more information about the CSIRO project, please contact a member of the project team on 1300 363 400 or email Residents may request information relating to the future use of the site from the Bayside City Council, Phone (03) 9599 4444 or