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Cherie Van Wensveen


Critical energy metals

The Critical energy metals mission in development aims to create more economic value from the energy transition by transforming our mineral resources into higher-value products and creating new manufacturing jobs and export-ready technologies.

Build Australia’s clean hydrogen industry

The emerging hydrogen mission will help build Australia’s clean hydrogen industry by scaling demand and driving down hydrogen cost to under $2 per kilogram to deliver a secure and resilient energy system and support our transition to a low emissions future.

Towards net zero

Bringing together research, industry, government, and communities to help Australia’s hardest to abate sectors – including steel, sustainable aviation fuel, and agriculture – halve their emissions by 2035.

Technology commercialisation

There are many pathways we use to commercialise technology. Each opportunity is as unique as the science itself.

Our approach is to find opportunities in the market, connect those opportunities with science and technology, and create commercialisation pathways to bring the solution to life.

Our commercialisation experts help researchers plan their science investments so that they can create market impact and develop the optimal commercialisation pathway based on how to create the most positive impact for Australia and the world from our inventions, science capabilities and facilities.

See an opportunity in the market and would like to work with us on a developing a pathway to commercialisation? Our commercialisation experts can help.