Abstract submission

We are now accepting abstract submissions. The original deadline has been extended. Abstract submissions will now close on 31st March 2018.

Please use IWSSD_2018 Abstract_template to prepare your abstract submission, then visit the link below to submit.

Abstract submission form

Planned Topics

  1. SQUIDs, SQIFs and SQUID Applications
  2. Superconducting Photon Detectors, e.g. SSPD, TES, STJ
  3. Superconducting Device Fabrication/Processing/Scale-up/Material Properties
  4. SC Electronics for Microwave, THz and Communications
  5. Digital Electronics
  6. Cryogenics, Packaging, Implementation and Commercialization
  7. Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Engineering
  8. Other Novel Devices and Applications

Presenters will have the option to submit manuscripts to a Special Issue in Superconductor Science and Technology. Papers will go through normal peer review process.

An IEC-IEEE Superconducting Electronics Standardization Meeting will be held on the first day of the workshop (Tuesday 24th July, 2018).