The Conference venue is the CSIRO West Lindfield Laboratories which is 15 km for the city centre. The address is 36 Bradfield Road, Lindfield, NSW, 2070.


Shuttle bus

A shuttle bus will transport attendees from the hotel district in Darling Harbour to the conference venue in Lindfield daily. More information about times and location will be added to the website soon.


Public transport

To use public transport in sydney you need to purchase an opal card. These can be purchased at many retailers throughout Sydney, and most major travel hubs (newsagents typically have them).

The suburb of Lindfield is accessible via the train system on the North Shore line. After disembarking at Lindfield station, passengers can then cross the road (Pacific highway side) and catch a bus to the CSIRO site. The bus number is 565 and leaves approximately every 20 minutes during peak travel times, and hourly off-peak. Ask the driver to let you know when you have reached CSIRO, Bradfield road. If you prefer, it is a 20-30 minute walk from the station.

Sydney public transport trips can also be navigated with the help of a useful website called trip planner.

A free app is available for your phone that is useful for planning public transport travel in Sydney. It is called “TripView” and also gives real time wait times for buses, trains and ferries (look up “TripView” in google play or apple store and download Sydney version).


Taxi cabs

Taxis are also available throughout the area, and can be hailed, called (phone 13 2227 for a booking service) or booked online.

Uber is also operative in the Sydney area.