Event date and time

Tuesday 14 – Friday 17 June 2022

A word from our Chair

Welcome to Advanced PV 2030, a symposium hosted as part of the CSIRO Cutting-edge Symposium Series.

We invite you to join us for this virtual event – registration is free – and for you to contribute through shared discussions and technological consideration of the pathways to achieving these goals.

As researchers we have a shared interest in reducing the cost of solar photovoltaics generation and pushing towards commercialisation of emerging technologies. Industry acceptance of advanced photovoltaics in a competitive marketplace are central to adoption of low emissions technologies, unlocking sector-wide economic and employment transition and significant emissions abatement potential for a sustainable energy future – beyond 2030.

We have invited thought leaders from across research, industry and academia will share their impressions about the future direction for next generation photovoltaic technologies, R&D challenges, and the innovations needed to be pursued to realise commercial outcomes by 2030.

Prof. Gregory J. Wilson, Research Group Leader | CSIRO Solar Technologies

CSIRO is supporting this symposium to catalyse discussion about the pathway for commercialisation of next generation photovoltaic technologies, and foster dialogue between colleagues and collaborators from a broad selection of institutions.

Symposium Overview

Curtailing the staggering effects of climate change, in the next decade, renewable energy will need to not just double or quadruple but increase by tenfold the amount of energy generated from such technologies as wind, wave and solar. With many technologies already commercialised, industry improvements are often incremental and focus on cost reduction.

What are the great new innovations?

Is there a way to radically increase, maybe even double, the amount of energy collected by solar cells?

Tandem solar cells capture much more of the solar spectrum than regular (single junction) solar cells, hence they are significantly more efficient. Existing commercial designs are expensive to fabricate, however, that need not necessarily be the case.

Cutting-edge PV science using perovskite semiconductors as a silicon-perovskite tandem solar cell has been demonstrated to exceed 29.8% light-to-electrical power conversion efficiency (PCE), with a clear technical pathway to >30% PCE.

The symposium will bring world leaders in the solar PV field together to discuss various technical and commercial roadblocks to low-cost tandem solar cells, along with the effectiveness of various potential technological approaches.


Our program includes Plenary, Keynote and Invited Speakers with technical expertise in advancing photovoltaics toward commercial realisation. The event will be delivered over three days, aligned with time zones from across the globe.

The symposium format includes:

  • Pre-recorded ‘video talks’ from the speakers to be released leading up to the main event days; and
  • Plenary Talks presented on the event day followed by extended Q&A panels to encourage open discussion with panellists that include our Invited Experts.

Technical talks will be available on our dedicated Symposium ‘Channel’ to all registered delegates from the release date and all talks will be available after the event.

A networking portal (via Gather) will allow delegates to interact virtually, mimicking real-life, to engage with contributed speakers in real-time for network sessions of the Program.