PVC waste management and recycling: current state of the art

June 24th, 2024

Presentation by Jim Coulston (Vinyl Council of Australia)

‘PVC waste management and recycling: current state of the art’, discusses the current challenges and advancements in PVC waste management. It highlights the negative perception of PVC influenced by global NGO’s, the complexities of recycling various ‘problematic plastics’, and the economic and technical hurdles faced in the recycling process. The presentation emphasizes the longevity and durability of PVC products, which contributes to their lower recycling rates than seen with other polymers. It outlines initiatives like the PVC Stewardship Program, which aims to address environmental and health issues associated with PVC, and the progress made in phasing out harmful additives. The document also details efforts in Europe and North America and Australia to improve PVC recycling rates, innovations in recycling technologies, and the importance of developing viable end markets for recycled materials.