CSIRO Manufacturing invite you to participate in the first Australian Flow Chemistry Symposium, #AFCS19, to be held in Melbourne, Australia, on Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd of December 2019.


The symposium is aimed at fostering exchange between chemists, chemical engineers, material scientists and other disciplines, that are active in the field of flow chemistry and microreactor technology. It is organised by the CSIRO and will feature presentations covering the latest advances on topics such as continuous processing for pharmaceutical, fine chemical and polymer manufacturing, flow electrochemistry, flow photochemistry, flow catalysis, microreactor technology, flow chemistry in space, and many more.  With this symposium we would like to bring together the growing Australian flow chemistry community by providing a dedicated platform for people from industry and academia to meet. Our goal is to put a strong focus on industrial applications for the chemical industry and demonstrate how continuous flow and microreactor technology can improve process efficiency and make chemical manufacturing safer, more compact, less wasteful, and more economic.

We warmly invite you to come to Melbourne to experience fantastic science, make new friends and delight in a vibrant city with a mix of varied culture, excellent food, world class wineries and stunning natural beauty.



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AFCS19 poster abstracts v1.1

Conference Booklet + Poster abstracts v1.1