International Delegates:

All visitors to Australia require a valid visa to travel to and enter Australia to attend or participate in events held in Australia (except New Zealand passport holders who will normally be granted a Special Category Visa upon arrival). For more information see the Fact Sheet.

If your sole reason for coming to Australia is to attend this symposium, please apply for this visa

For information on who can apply for the eVisitor (subclass 651) visa online, please go to:

For any other circumstances, please view the below visas

For information on who can apply for the ETA (Subclass 601) visa online, please go to:

For information on who can apply for the Visitor (Subclass 600) visa online, please go to:

For information on who can apply for the Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (Subclass 400) online, please go to:


We recommend that delegates applying for a paper-based visa lodge their application at least 6-8 weeks before their intended travel date to Australia. All travellors to Australia must have a valid visa before boarding their plane.

Letter of Invitation:

If you require a visa letter from the organisers to attend the Australian Flow Chemistry Symposium 2019 please email the organising committee.

Helpful Websites:

Tourism Australia:

Tourism Melbourne:

Australian Exchange Rates:

*Smartraveller – The Australian Government’s travel advisory and consular information service:

*This site is designed to help you get through the security checkpoints at the airport quickly and easily. It will help you understand the aviation security measures in place at Australian airports and why they are necessary. It provides information on preparing for your trip, what you are prohibited from taking on board, and for traveling with children and medicines. It also provides a number of videos that explain the screening process and information on liquids, aerosols and gel restrictions.