Jack Fitzgerald, Think Fencing

August 16th, 2023

Jack is the founder of Think Dynamics / Think Fencing, a progressive company that specialises in developing innovative composite products and PVC recycling technology. Jack has a wide range of experience in Polymer engineering, machine design and product development. His main focus is realising market opportunities and commercialisation of products for the building industry using innovative sustainable manufacturing techniques and materials. Elise (4th year Mechatronics engineer) has dedicated the past three years of her career working within Think Fencing/ Think Dynamics alongside Jack. The focal point of her role involves engaging in research, development and product design. Through these experiences with the company, she has increased her skill set relative to identifying and implementing innovative solutions. Her work has been characterized by her commitment to sustainable practices and her passion for creating products that positively impact the environment. Throughout her career, Elise has shown herself to be a committed and forward-thinking member of the company.