Mr Richard Kirkman, Veolia Group

May 8th, 2023

Since joining the Veolia Group in 1994 as an environmental engineer, Richard has held a number of senior commercial, operational and technical positions in Europe and the UK & Ireland. Driving strategic development in Material & Energy Sales, Planning, Construction, Fleet and External Affairs, as well as commissioning key recycling and Energy Recovery Facilities, Richard was key in developing technology and innovation for the regions.
Joining Veolia Australia and New Zealand in 2020 as CEO and Managing Director, Richard is now focused on delivering ecological transformation through Veolia’s ANZ water, waste and energy activities. Richard is a passionate advocate for preserving and replenishing resources and is pivoting the organisation to be a trusted partner for complex infrastructure, whilst influencing policy as an authoritative voice on the challenges surrounding the environmental sector.
Richard believes that delivering a sustainable future is about people, customers and teams working together. Richard is on the Board of NWRIC and is member of the ANZPAC Plastics Pact Collective Action Group.