Professor Russell Varley, Deakin University

March 29th, 2023

Prof Varley has been using polymer chemistry to develop next generation composite materials through control of the chemical structure and microstructure of polymer networks for more than 25 years. His interests include using polymer chemistry to design processable, high performance and functional polymer composites, particularly the synthesis of novel monomers for improved toughness, stiffness and strength, self-healing and re-processable materials, bonding of dissimilar materials and fire retardancy.

Since joining Deakin University from CSIRO in 2016, his research goals have expanded to include the synthesis of next generation carbon fibre using novel rapid oxidation methods, alternative precursors and novel architectures for enhanced sustainability for improved structural and functional properties.  As Carbon Nexus group leader he leads a portfolio of externally funded projects focused on industrially relevant outcomes within the aerospace, automotive, construction, renewable energy and oil and gas sectors of the global economy.