Poster Session 4

Session time: 5:35pm – 5:45pm

Location: Ballroom promenade

Sonali S Naik

Poster 4: Harnessing sustainable biomedical solutions with biodegradable Pectin-g-PCL

Sonali S Naik is a final-year PhD student in a joint program between AcSIR-India and RMIT Australia. She completed her bachelor’s degree in biotechnology and is now pursuing her PhD at RMIT. She specialises in the synthesis and fabrication of scaffolds, which are crucial for tissue regeneration and repair. Her work extensively involves the use of additive manufacturing technology, to create these scaffolds.

Nazila Oladzadabbasabadi (RMIT University)

Poster 9: Developing cellulosic bioplastics using non-isocyanate polyurethane and lignin with outstanding properties

Donya Ramimoghadam (CSIRO)

Poster 14: A degradable polyurethane thermoset using acylhydrazone chemistry

Nicholas Jun-An Chan (CSIRO)

Poster 19: Breakdown by design: sustainable polymeric material processing for insect degradation

Yujiao Wu (CSIRO)

Poster 24: ‘Personalised ML model bank’ for efficient floating litter detection

Yujiao Wu (Olivia) received her PhD from the University of Technology Sydney. Her research includes AI applications in solving real-world problems. She has worked on medical imaging, non-invasive bioinstrumentation, and environmental monitoring. As a CERC fellow at CSIRO, her current work focuses on developing innovative object detection algorithms for efficient plastic waste monitoring and management in the environment.

Dana Griffiths (Murdoch University)

Poster 29: Comparative genomics of the highly halophilic Haloferacaceae