ADOPT (Adoption and Diffusion Outcome Prediction Tool) is an easy to use tool for evaluating and predicting the likely rate of adoption of specific agricultural innovations for particular target populations.

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Decision Support Tool – Establishing pastures – the trade-off between crop and livestock

The Decision Support Tool operates under the premise that a pasture is to be sown in a particular paddock the next year. The user is able to consider the costs and income from grain and livestock production during the pasture phase.

Feed Demand Calculator with forage shrubs and new mixed farming regions: with CSIRO awaiting posting by MLA

Cover Cropping Tool

APSIM Tedera available through

APSIM Saltbush available through

MIDAS Mallee available through CSIRO (contact Marta Monjardino –

Tree placement tool available through CSIRO (contact Neil Huth –

Pasture cropping workshop tool available through CSIRO (contact Roger Lawes –