Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSIRO?

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is Australia’s national scientific research agency with a long history of providing breakthrough science and innovation for Australia.

What government department does CSIRO report to?

The government department with prime responsivity for science and innovation is the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. CSIRO is an independent Australian government corporate entity with a Board and Chief Executive.

What is CSIRO’s role?

The purpose of CSIRO is:

  • To carry out scientific research for any of the following purposes:
    • Assisting Australian industry
    • Furthering the interests of the Australian community
    • Contributing to the achievement of Australian national objectives or the performance of the national and international responsibilities of the Commonwealth
    • Any other purpose determined by the Minister
  • To encourage or facilitate the application or utilisation of the results of such research.

The secondary functions of CSIRO include international scientific liaison, training of research workers, publication of research results, technology transfer of other research, provision of scientific services and dissemination of information about science and technology.

What is the Sydney Consolidation Project?

The purpose of the Sydney Consolidation Project (SCP) is to improve CSIRO research facilities and the conditions for world-class research and collaboration for work undertaken in Sydney. The project will also achieve more cost-effective delivery of science through better utilisation of sites and reducing site operating and maintenance costs.

The SCP will support CSIRO’s primary purpose to deliver excellent science through high quality, fit-for-purpose facilities in Sydney.

When will the project start and end?

The SCP proposed schedule is for work to begin in 2019 and for facility improvements to be in place by the end of 2021.

Why is the project needed?

The SCP aims to bring facilities in Sydney up to standards which facilitate world class research, better utilise the facilities that we have and to enable excellent science and collaboration.

How will the SCP be funded?

The SCP will be funded internally by CSIRO from a number of sources including:

  • Divestment of a number of CSIRO sites across Australia and the reinvestment of these proceeds
  • Allocation from CSIRO’s capital budget.

How can the community have their say on the project?

Following the referral of the Sydney Consolidation Project to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works, on Wednesday, 31 July 2019, there was an opportunity for public submissions and for the community to have their say. You can read more about this on the Parliament of Australia website.

As part of it’s public consultation in 2018, CSIRO set aside a period of two weeks, from Thursday 29 November to Friday 14 December 2018, for the community to provide feedback on the project plans.

Email –
Phone – 1800 016 203
Mail – CSIRO Sydney Site Consolidation Project

36 Bradfield Road
Lindfield NSW 2070

Residents and business owners in the Lindfield area were invited to two information sessions designed for members of the local community to find out more about the project. The community sessions were at:

CSIRO Lindfield, main reception foyer (please follow signage to main reception parking)

36 Bradfield Road
Lindfield NSW 2070


  • Saturday 8 December 9:30am – 11:30am
  • Tuesday 11 December 4:30pm – 6:30pm

These sessions were advertised in local publications, at local community hubs and through Ku-ring-gai and Ryde Councils.

What is happening at Lindfield?

The SCP will include a number of changes across facilities in Sydney including at Lindfield, which sits on Commonwealth-owned land.

CSIRO expects some increased activity entering and exiting the main gate on Bradfield Road and also some noise associated during the period of construction. While work is not expected to have a significant impact on the local community the project team is proactively informing the community of the potential disruption.

Will there be an increase in people at Lindfield?

Eventually, there will be an increase of staff and visitors at the Lindfield site.

As CSIRO will sufficiently increase the parking at Lindfield within the CSIRO site boundaries there should be no impact on parking outside the CSIRO site, in the Lindfield community.

Will there be any changes on Bradfield Road?

CSIRO will upgrade the access gatehouse on Bradfield Road to allow for more vehicles and pedestrians to safely move in and out of the site. This entry point will continue to act as a security checkpoint and the only access point to the CSIRO site.

Over time residents may see a noticeable increase in vehicles entering and exiting the main gate during construction and after the project is complete, and more staff are working at the Lindfield site.

There may be deliveries of construction equipment and large trucks passing through the main gate which may disrupt traffic temporarily on Bradfield Road. Traffic controllers will be in place if there is expected to be a prolonged disruption.

Will the refresh at Lindfield mean improved accessibility?

The Lindfield Refresh will see significant improvements to access across the entire site which will benefit researchers, visitors and people with disabilities. There will be additional compliant amenities, lifts, parking spaces, ramps, paths and easier room access as part of the layout amendments and new construction to take place.

The appropriate standards of Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and safety will play a large role in the planning process.

How will CSIRO staff and leaseholders be involved in the changes?

CSIRO is involving staff and stakeholders throughout the planning and implementation phases of this project. Since 2016, Sydney-based staff have been involved in the early consultation and planning phases and in the development of the project proposal. Regular updates and briefing sessions with staff will continue through the detailed design and construction phases to the final stages when works are completed, and staff move into refurbished workspaces.

What work will be undertaken at Lindfield?

Proposed changes at the Lindfield site were outlined in the November 2018 newsletter distributed to the local community in Lindfield and posted on our website.

Some of the changes include:

  • Increasing the parking available for staff and visitors
  • Disability Discrimination Act(DDA) upgrade works including compliant amenities, lifts, ramps and paths
  • National Construction Code (NCC) upgrade works including works to fire systems
  • Installation of new laboratories, workshops and specialist technical facilities as required for different business unit research activities
  • Reconfiguration of existing office spaces and installation of new workstations for CSIRO staff
  • Internal reconfiguration to provide a more efficient layout
  • Refreshing the staff amenities including toilets, tea rooms, staff canteen and outdoor eating spaces.

Will there be any impacts on the community from new research facilities at Lindfield?

Over time, the increase in staff working at the Lindfield site is expected to bring additional research and commercial activity to the CSIRO site while enhancing local business activity and opportunities in the Lindfield area.  Accompanying these local benefits, we expect there will be additional peak-period traffic on Lady Game Drive and Bradfield Road leading up to the gates of the Lindfield site.

Will there be any dangerous materials on site?

Part of CSIRO’s world-class research programs includes working with and testing potentially dangerous materials. CSIRO will maintain the rigorous processes for handling and storing these materials on site and for ensuring staff and community safety.

CSIRO also maintains strict monitoring of the transportation of any potentially dangerous materials. We are bound by guidelines set out in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations for the transportation of diagnostic specimens and other materials which require specialist packaging.

What are the likely construction impacts of the project?

  • Construction work is expected to take place during the day and within the CSIRO Lindfield site boundaries with little or no effect on the local community and environment anticipated
  • Some construction activities may generate noise and vibration,however measures will be in place to minimise the impact on the local community
  • Vegetation removal and any local fauna removals will be minimised and only as required for approved works.

Will some Sydney sites close?

An important part of the SCP is to ensure high standard facilities and cost-effective utilisation of our existing sites. CSIRO’s lease at its North Ryde property expires in 2021 and our Marsfield site has ageing infrastructure which is underutilised. Ending our lease at North Ryde and divesting our Marsfield site will enable us to focus on developing a vibrant presence at our remaining sites.

What will happen with Marsfield and North Ryde sites?

CSIRO leases the property at North Ryde and our lease will expire in 2021. Research conducted at North Ryde is to be relocated mostly to Lindfield.

CSIRO also plans to divest the Marsfield site as part of its consolidation plans.