Meet the Speakers

Callum Benson

Monash Innovation

Callum is passionate about innovation and building great companies. He has broad experience across technology sectors and stages, developing commercialisation strategies, spinning out companies and securing investment needed to take technologies to market.

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Catriona Dixon

Toothless Parrot Communications

Catriona is committed to empowering the nation’s business, community and sporting leaders with the tools needed to become exceptional communicators. Her experience includes communication for leadership, media training, public speaking, story-telling, strategic media issues and crisis management.

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Clare Birch


Clare Birch is an Associate and Scientist in Residence at Blackbird, where she runs Blackbird’s Foundry and focuses on deep tech. She was previously the first employee and Programs Coordinator at DeadlyScience, an Australian nonprofit that provides STEM learning resources to remote and Indigenous communities.

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Clare John Fairfield

Concerto Venture Partners & Venture Capital Institute

Clare John Fairfield is a Managing Director of Concerto Venture Partners, a specialised, diversified early-stage venture investment and advisory firm. In addition, Clare is Chairman of the Venture Capital Institute, a global venture capital and innovation development organisation.

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Dr George Feast


Dr George Feast is the Deputy Director of the CSIRO SME Connect team and is based in Melbourne. George currently leads delivery of the CSIRO SME Collaboration Initiative which aims to double the number of SMEs that engage with publicly-funded research, by increasing facilitation and reducing the barriers for interactions with universities and CSIRO.

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 Helen Souris


Helen is a strong advocate for evidence-based digital health innovations that support the growth of the digital health ecosystem. As Cardihab CEO, Helen has led Cardihab’s transformation from a CSIRO concept technology to a commercially successful digital therapeutic in Australia.

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Dr Joni Sytsma


Dr. Joni Sytsma is an aerospace engineer originating from the USA. Her current role is Chief Technology Officer of the iLAuNCH program, Australia’s $180M space program. Joni’s 17 year career has educated her in the successful research, development and commercialisation of extremely complex aerospace systems where combined interactions of hardware, software and physics are the defining value-add.

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Luli Adeyemo

TechDiversity & Best Case Scenario

Luli Adeyemo is the Executive Director at TechDiversity and Founder/Director of Sydney-based integrated marketing and events agency Best Case Scenario. Luli has spent the last 30 years curating content for thought leadership conversations and campaigns for the technology sector.

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Louise Brown

HydGene Renewables

Louise Brown is the co-founder and CEO of HydGene Renewables, a deep-tech synthetic biology startup founded in 2020. Louise has over two decades in bioengineering complex protein systems, and previously held an academic role at Macquarie University.

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Sandra Roussel

Department of Industry, Science and Resources

Sandra Roussel is the General Manager of the Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship Branch in the Department and Industry, Science and Resources. The Branch works to foster strong stakeholder partnerships across industry and the public sector, and manage policies, programs and research in the areas of commercialisation, intellectual property and early-stage finance (including venture capital).

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  Scott Allen


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Scott Allen is a highly accomplished professional who has made remarkable contributions to Nallawilli Pty Ltd, a leading company in the field of Technology, Finance, Workplace Supplies and Digital Twins. With his deep respect for First Nations heritage and unwavering commitment to community empowerment, Scott has played an instrumental role in driving the company’s success. 

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Dr Silvia Pfeiffer


Silvia is Director and Co-Founder of Coviu, a telehealth software company that has helped thousands of healthcare businesses offer video consultations during the COVID19 crisis. 

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Dr Thomas Ting

 Australia’s Economic Accelerator Program

Dr Thomas Ting is the Executive Director for Australia’s Economic Accelerator Program (AEA), a $1.6B AUD 10year competitive grant program to fund research translation and commercialisation projects and opportunities from Australian Universities.

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Meet the Moderators and Presenters

Chris Krishna-Pillay


As ON Core’s official MC, Chris has a background in science education, organisational development and stakeholder engagement, as well as extensive experience in theatre and the performing arts, and has worked at CSIRO for more than 30 years.

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Dr Jill Freyne


Dr Jill Freyne is Deputy Chief Scientist at CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency. CSIRO solves the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology.

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Tennille Eyre


As the Executive Manager of Innovation Programs at CSIRO, Tennille is dedicated to supporting research translation through innovative pathways.

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Phoebe Jackson Morison


As Manager of the ON Innovation Program, Phoebe is most energised when supporting the deep tech community to navigate the provocative realms of innovation and research translation.

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Torres Webb


Torres Webb is an environmental scientist, published author and advocate of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander innovation and knowledge systems.

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