Networking Lounge

Big things brewing at ON Core! We hope that ON Core isn’t just another event in your diary. This is an opportunity for connection and collaboration where handshakes become partnerships, and conversations spark innovation. The next big idea might just be a conversation away! 

Ways to cONnect on the day? You’ll find digital networking profile screens throughout the venue, scrolling through our massive networking directory called the ON Core Networking Lounge. We’ve asked our community to share what they can give, and what they’d like to know, so finding your network is even easier.

You can access the ON Core Networking Lounge on any device, and it’ll be available online from the 6th December until the 29th January 2024

Seize the opportunity to exchange more than business cards – share stories, visions, and aspirations. Through the power of networking, your next venture, mentor, or collaborator awaits.

As a reminder, all ON Core profiles are being hosted on a publicly accessible site. If you’d like more information, revisit the following resources:
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