Partner with us to tackle Australia’s greatest challenges

As one of the world’s largest mission-driven multidisciplinary science and research organisations, CSIRO is focusing on the issues that matter the most: for our quality of life, for the economy and for our environment. When we all focus on the big things that really matter, Australian science and technology can solve seemingly impossible problems, and create new value for all Australians.

The goal of AquaWatch is to establish an integrated ground-to-space national water quality monitoring system to support water management with accurate data and predictive forecasting.

The world will need to produce more protein, more sustainably, from more sources into the future.

we aim to transform plastic waste into a commodity, whilst informing waste management policies to build a more resilient Australia and support new industries.

The transition to net zero will require change in most sectors of the economy, but it will also present new opportunities which Australia is well placed to grasp.

Our mission is to grow the value of Australia’s agrifood exports

We’re on a mission to reduce drought impacts with our partners in government, industry, the research sector and the community.

We’re working with various stakeholders to connect, coordinate and cultivate new strategies and technologies to ensure antimicrobials, such as antibiotics, remain effective.

The hydrogen industry mission will support global decarbonisation through a commercially viable Australian hydrogen industry comprising both domestic and export value chains by 2030.

Developing Missions

Through this joint initiative with the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, we are working with a wide range of partners to drive innovation and transformation across Australia’s biosecurity system.

We are bringing together a broad coalition of government and private sector stakeholders to help reduce disruptions to Australia’s critical services and ensure we have the sovereign capabilities to protect the infrastructure that underpins our way of life.

The Infectious Disease Resilience mission will help improve the Indo-Pacific’s preparation for and response to biothreat. By enhancing infectious disease resilience we’ll help safeguard human health, promote economic growth, and minimise the risk of infectious diseases reaching Australia.

We are working with collaborators from across industry, research and government to co-design this mission. This summary reflects the mission in development and will continue to evolve.

The Smart Energy mission in development incorporates the work of teams from CSIRO Energy, Data61, Environment, and Mineral Resources to build more holistic systems intelligence into Australia’s energy transformation. This mission in development is in the concept/planning stage.