In recent years, data driven scientific discovery approach has already been agreed to be an important emerging paradigm for computing in areas including social network, service, Internet of Things (or sensor networks), and cloud. Under this paradigm, big data is the core that drives new researches in many domains, from environmental to social. One important source of information for potential value creation is the real-time trajectory data obtained from entities including animals, robots and humans. The trajectory information naturally reveals the details of instantaneous behaviours conducted by entities, which is closely related with complex behaviours in the form of multiple interdependent multivariate time series data with varied locations. This forms the need and emergence of behaviour modelling (i.e. understanding behaviours from cognitive and analytics perspectives) and behaviour system construction (i.e. developing cognition-as-a-service systems to support decision making).

The 2015 Workshop on Trajectory-based Behaviour Analytics (TrBA 2015) focuses on addressing deep science and research questions related to behavioural analytics for real-time trajectory-driven data applications as well as its value delivery platform systems. The expected outcome of this workshop is to promote TrBA as an important research forum by its own with relevant challenging problems and emerging issues to be formally addressed. We would like to merge the contributing IEEE taskforces from different communities into a synergy of excellence, to create a new disciplinary area with increased scientific profiles and influences. We anticipate initiating interest groups to discuss and communicate with each other on topics related to TrBA. We aim to edit a series of books which cover the current research progress as well as the state-of-the-art techniques of BMA. Finally, we expect TrBA to be a regular event for research peers to exchange new ideas and identify future research directions. The call for papers (CFP) of this workshop TrBA 2015 can be downloaded here TrBA-Call for Papers.

All accepted papers will be published by AAAI in a separate AAAI 2015 workshop proceeding. Selected high-quality papers accepted and presented in the workshop will also be invited for extension and publication in the special issue of Journal of Computer and System Sciences (, a SCI journal, with impact factor 1.091). The call for papers (CFP) of this special issue can be downloaded here JCSS SI-Call for Papers.

For other issues, such as workshop venue and travel information, please refer to AAAI 2015 website , see