Topics of Interest

TrBA 2015 encourages topics related but is not limited to:

(1) Trajectory-based Behaviour Representation and Modelling

  • Trajectory-based behaviour definition and representation
  • Trajectory-based behaviour domain and context modelling
  • Temporal-spatial relationship modelling among trajectories
  • Visualization of real time trajectory-based behaviours

(2) Trajectory-based Behaviour Network

  • Trajectory-based behaviour networking and interactions
  • Trajectory-based behaviour graph construction and analysis
  • Convergence and divergence of trajectory-based behaviours
  • Trajectory-based behaviour/economic/social network topological structures

(3) Multiple/heterogeneous Trajectory-based Behaviour Integration

  • Cognitive computing on complex/heterogeneous trajectory-based behaviours
  • Collaborative filtering, mining and prediction
  • MapReduce and Hadoop for processing, resource scheduling and SLA
  • Trajectory-based behaviour sharing and privacy preserving

 (4) Trajectory-based Behaviour Dynamics and Evolution

  • Trajectory-based behaviour system establishment and platform development
  • Trajectory-based behaviour evolution, adaption and emergence
  • Trajectory-based behaviour and social dynamics
  • Trajectory-based Behaviour related knowledge management and life cycle