Charlotte Wiles

Chemtrix BV

Starting her research in the area of continuous flow synthesis in 2000, Charlotte obtained her PhD in 2003 entitled ‘Microreactors in organic synthesis’. This was followed by 5 years of postdoctoral research into the rapidly developing field of continuous flow synthesis, specifically in the area of heterogeneous catalysis for small molecule synthesis.

In 2008, Charlotte joined Chemtrix BV as a Senior Chemist where she worked on the commercialisation of lab-scale micro reactor apparatus & in 2010 she was promoted to Chief Technology Officer within Chemtrix BV continuing to develop & characterise pilot-scale flow reactors. In 2013 she became CEO of Chemtrix BV, where she continues to research and develop continuous flow systems and solutions for Partners, with more recent developments focussing on the implementation of flow reactors in Industry for multi-metric tonne-scale manufacturing. These activities build on the scalable reactor platform developed in cooperation with 3M Technical Ceramics.