Ocean and Coastal Nutrient Symposium Program

June 17th, 2023

The symposium brings technicians and scientists together to discuss analytical methods, new technologies, and data processing capabilities. The symposium will take place in Hobart in June 2023, coinciding with the INIV voyage. Delivery of the event will be through a hybrid of virtual and in-person events, including live broadcasts from the unique ocean-going setting onboard RV Investigator during INIV. The symposium will conclude on the 20th of June by a last day of talks and workshops.


  1. 2nd of June 2023: CSIRO’s International Nutrient Inter-comparison Voyage (INIV) Launch
  2. Between 6th and 16th of June 2023: Life broadcast session from RV Investigators: 1-hour session will present a unique aspect of nutrient analysis, data interpretation, and nutrient impacts on ocean research
  3. 20th of June: Full day Ocean and Coastal Nutrient Symposium


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