CSIRO Hydrochemistry

The CSIRO National Collections Hydrochemistry team is leading the INIV voyage, Hydrochemistry is a part of the Engineering & Technology program within NCMI. Hydrochemistry operates laboratories in Hobart and Perth, Australia, as well as routinely aboard RV Investigator. NCMI Hydrochemistry specialises in the analysis of oceanographic water parameters, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen and Dissolved Inorganic Nutrients. The team is comprised of 12 active members, all members regularly complete oceanographic voyages.

NCMI Hydrochemistry recently published their standard oceanographic nutrient analysis method and protocol, used to achieve highly reproducible nutrient results while at sea. The publication is titled: Methods for reproducible shipboard SFA nutrient measurement using RMNS and automated data processing

The NCMI Hydrochemistry team is managed under group leader and chief scientist for the INIV voyage, Andreas Marouchos.

Andreas Marouchos
(Group Leader)
Hydrochemistry Team Members

Dr Julie Janssens
(Team Leader)

Cassie Schwanger

Alicia Camac

Merinda McMahon

Stephen Tibben

Pavie Nanthasurasak

Peter Hughes

Dr Harris Anderson

Madeline Lahm

Narendra Pati


Dawn Herweynen

Jack McDonald

Kendall Sherrin  

Christine Rees

International Engagement

To maximise the scientific benefit for participants, we are hoping to involve as many international agencies as feasible. 30 scientific staff can be accommodated aboard RV Investigator, this enables the project to include a wide array of participants.

The initial expression of interest round yielded an excellent turnout of 26 submissions. These submissions spanned 12 countries and 21 different agencies.

Distribution of locations, indicated by yellow dot, for agencies that submitted expression of interest during the initial round.

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Malcolm Woodward is a chair of the SCOR working group 147, COMPONUT, and a prominent contributor to the improvement of nutrient measurements for over 30 years. Malcolm is assisting with the planning and management of the INIV project as a Primary Investigator.


Malcolm Woodward

Voyage & Project Supporters

We are proud to have the support from the Global Ocean Ship-Based Hydrographic Investigations Program (GO-SHIP). The program has extended their support for the voyage and views the project as an optimal way of improving inter-comparability and therefore data quality of nutrient data within GO-SHIP. INIV is endorsed by the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) and the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science (UNDOS). We recognise the fantastic efforts of our collaborators and thank them for their continued support.

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