Community Update – January 2023

January 14th, 2023

Welcome to our latest update on the site remediation works at Belmont. Since our last update there has been less activity onsite due to planning activities for the continued site remediation.


CSIRO is continuing to work with environmental consultants to remediate and prepare the Belmont site for divestment and future use. As part of these activities, and as noted in our Community Update in May 2022, CSIRO has engaged Tetra Tech Coffey to conduct ground investigations works. These works are planned to run from Tuesday 17 January 2023 through until approximately 4 February 2023.
The works will involve the digging of test pits in several locations throughout the site and collecting soil samples.
The samples will be analysed for various substances, including asbestos. The works will be carried out by experienced and trained consultants who will be wearing personal protective equipment (which may include white Tyvek suits and respirators/dust masks) and utilising suitable controls to minimise disturbance to the soil.
As asbestos is a contaminant of concern for the sampling works, all works will be completed in accordance with the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (2017), and the two Worksafe Compliance codes: Managing asbestos in workplaces (2019) and Removing asbestos in workplaces (2019).
All wastes generated during the works will be disposed to a licensed waste facility. All works will be carried out in a manner that limits the potential for hazards to present risks to site workers, the public or neighbouring residents. This includes undertaking air monitoring during the works to mitigate risks to workers and surrounding residents.
Links to the OHS Act, Regulations and Compliance codes are provided below.


In addition to the ground investigation activities outlined above, CSIRO is continuing general maintenance of the site including vegetation management, perimeter fencing and other property management activities.


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