Community Update – May 2024

May 15th, 2024

Welcome to our May 2024 update about our site remediation works at Belmont.


Site soil investigations reported in the January 2023 Community Update were completed mid-2023, and CSIRO has received the data and a Remediation Action Plan (RAP), which is under review.

To reconfirm previous results of soil vapour extraction works in the northeast corner of the site, our consultants recommended that additional soil vapour sampling be undertaken within and directly adjacent to the excavation and remediation area. Detailed information was included in the Community Update in September 2023. Site works were conducted and borehole data from this investigation became available to CSIRO in February 2024. Consultants recommended additional samples need to be collected from existing sample points to complete the data set. This work will be conducted mid-late May 2024.

CSIRO will update the community once all data is received from investigations and the RAP has been fully reviewed and next steps determined.


In addition to these investigation activities, CSIRO will continue general maintenance of the site including security patrols, vegetation management, perimeter fencing and other property management activities.


Updates will be provided as we have further news and will continue to be available on our community website:

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