Project Overview



Demolition work at the CSIRO Belmont site was completed in 2017 and currently work is being undertaken to remediate underground contamination.

Remediation of soil on the site is to be finalised to ensure the site is suitable for future residential use. During the demolition of buildings and soil testing, contamination of liquid hydrocarbon from the previous textile processing functions, used some 40 years ago, was identified.

CSIRO is undertaking soil remediation work to remove hydrocarbons, from dry-cleaning fluid, identified in the soil in a small area of the site.  This impacts an area of approximately 30m x 30m to a depth of about 11m.  This project requires the preparation of the site for the Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) project to commence including setting up site-sheds and amenities, construction of a haul road, demolition and removal of existing concrete slabs, removal of asbestos contaminated soil and erection of a large tent that is used to manage the vapour extraction process.

This work is being carried out in Area 1 and some of Area 2 and some of Area 3 is being used to hold stockpiles of excavated material.  Work commenced in September 2019 and we anticipate the work to be completed by May 2020 subject to good weather conditions.

Following the completion of the SVE work, further soil testing may be undertaken to ensure that the site is suitable for future residential use.  The results of this testing will determine any further soil remediation that may need to occur.

The site area is fenced off to prevent unauthorised access with security patrols conducted daily after hours. To ensure work on-site is undertaken in accordance with the relevant Health and Safety regulations; noise, vibration, dust and air sampling will be undertaken for the duration of the project, safeguarding all parties involved (residents, workers and the environment).   To date all test results have been found to be within acceptable limits.

Key dates

  • May, 2020 – Soil Vapour Extraction completed


Looking forward

Due to its elevated site position, winds are a constant factor on site. As the weather warms up we can also expect more warm high northerly winds. Water hoses and sprinklers are used across the site to contain the dust. Sprinklers are also on timers which will be maintained when the site is unoccupied.

Stockpiled materials around site will be covered to control any loss of soil and dust being wind-blown.

CSIRO understands that trees are highly valued by the local community and will try and avoid tree removal where possible.  CSIRO is engaging the services of an independent arborist to help with this project. Fences have been erected around some trees to protect them.

CSIRO will maintain the nature strips adjacent to our site as well as regularly attending to graffiti on the fences.

Working hours

To minimise disruption to the local community work will continue to be carried out between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Weekend work will be kept to a minimum.