ON-SITE News – December Update

October 19th, 2016

Community Update

Demolition work at the CSIRO Belmont site is progressing well and is on track for the planned March 2017 completion.

The former CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology Laboratory has been sold to development company Up Property, who intend to develop the site for residential use. Demolition of the 6.2 hectare property started in July.

The removal of all structures from the former CSIRO research facility at 1 Henry Street, is part of site sale conditions. Demolition of all buildings on the site will be completed by Christmas. Removal of all building foundations will be the focus of work from January.

Before work started, the site (which borders Henry St, Reynolds and Colac Rds and abuts the back of properties in Marjorie Ave) comprised of a total building area of more than 22,000sqm. This included a mix of 19 single and two-storey buildings (offices, laboratories, warehouses and amenities).

The developer, Up Property has publicly tabled concept development plans for the site.
Further information related to the Up Property plans can be found at http://www.upproperty.com.au/#home

Over the coming weeks, activity around Area 1 will subside. Demolition work of this area, which borders Colac Road (see map below), is 80 per cent complete and due to be completed this month. Demolition of buildings in Area 2 and Area 3 is also expected to be completed by Christmas. Removal of all building foundations will be the focus of work from January.




Area 3 is expected to be completed by 14th December with Area Two finished by 14th March 2017.

The removal of asbestos from the entire site is expected to be finished by Christmas. As explained in an earlier letter, to ensure safe removal, CSIRO has engaged Greencap (an industrial hygiene consultancy) to oversee the removal works. Their hygienist is on-site throughout project duration. Asbestos removal work is being performed by a Class ‘A’ licensed asbestos removal company, while the demolition works is undertaken by a licensed contractor.

The site area is fenced off to prevent unauthorised access with security patrols conducted daily after hours. To ensure work on-site is undertaken in accordance with the relevant Health and Safety regulations; noise, vibration, dust and air sampling will be undertaken for the duration of the project, safeguarding all parties involved (residents, workers and the environment).   To date all test results have been found to be within acceptable limits.

Key dates

  • December, 2016 – Demolition of all buildings in Area One, Two and Three due to be completed
  • March, 2017 – All site demolition to be completed


Looking forward

Due to its elevated site position, winds are a constant factor on site. As the weather warms up we can also expect more warm high northerly winds. Water hoses and sprinklers are used across the site to contain the dust. Sprinklers are also on timers which will be maintained when the site is unoccupied.

To combat dust issues and cross contamination, there is also a water truck-wash. Each vehicle (truck or light vehicle) which leaves the site must travel through the truck-wash, eliminating any dust or debris transported via tyre tread. Stockpiled materials around site will be covered to control any loss of soil and dust being wind-blown.

During November grass and tree pruning has been undertaken to mitigate the risks of snakes and fires. Vermin bait will continue to be used around the entire property for the duration of project.

CSIRO understands that trees are highly valued by the local community and will try and avoid tree removal where possible. CSIRO is currently investigating a small number of significant trees which are on-site. CSIRO is liaising with the City of Greater Geelong and is engaging the services of an independent arborist to help with this project. Fences have been erected around the trees to protect them. We will update you on any outcomes.


Working hours

To minimise disruption to the local community work will continue to be carried out between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Weekend work will be kept to a minimum.