We are in the initial stages of planning for INIV 2022 including the call for EOI, organising a planning committees, meetings and scoping an experimental plan to take place on RV Investigator. The first deadline set for August 2020 is to provide the Marine National Facility (MNF) with documentation of shipboard methodology and protocols as well as a proposed participation list. The second phase of planning will be to seek sponsorship and additional funding opportunities leading up to the voyage.

Project Leaders

Chief Scientist

Andreas Marouchos

Primary Investigators

Christine Rees

Malcolm Woodward

Cassie Schwanger

Experimental Planning Committee

Name Affiliation
Susan Becker Scripps Institute of Oceanography, U.S
Mariko Hatta University of Hawaii, U.S
Edward Mawji National Oceanography Centre, UK
Karel Bakker Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea Research
Elisa Berdalet ICM-CSIC, Institute of Marine Sciences, Spanish Highest Research Council
Maxime Grand San Jose State University, U.S
Oliver Ocholla Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research Institute
Sarah-Ann Quesnel Ocean Science Division – Fisheries & Oceans, Canada
Mara Abad ICM-CSIC, Institute of Marine Sciences, Spanish Highest Research Council
Jun Wang National Center of Ocean Standards & Metrology, China
TaeKeun Rho Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology


Project Timeline

Below is a simplified timeline from an initial project planning meeting covering the 3 year life cycle of the project.