The 4th International Workshop on Superconducting Sensors and Detectors (IWSSD 2018) will be held in Sydney, Australia, from 24th to 27th July 2018, and will be hosted by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Previous IWSSD workshops were held in Daejeon (Korea, 2012), Shanghai (China, 2014) and Tsukuba (Japan, 2016). We are delighted to announce the following plenary and invited speakers:


Prof. Robert Hadfield, Head of Division of Electronic and Nanoscale Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Glasgow, U.K.

Prof. Akira Fujimaki, Quantum Engineering, Nagoya University, Japan

Dr. Robert Romanofsky, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA.

Dr. Jan Herrmann, General Manager, Physical Metrology, National Measurement Institute, Australia.

Invited speakers:

Dr. Ronny Stolz, IPHT-Jena, Germany

Prof. Lixing You, SIMIT, China

Prof. Jian Chen, Nanjing, China

Prof. Tim Duty, University of New South Wales, Australia

Prof. Dag Winkler, Chalmers, Sweden

Prof. Yong-Hamb Kim, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Korea

Prof. Huabing Wang, Nanjing University, China

Dr. Shane Keenan, CSIRO, Australia

Dr. Jia Du, CSIRO, Australia

Dr. Hiroyuki Shibata, Kitami Institute of Technology, Japan

Dr. Emma Mitchell, CSIRO, Australia

Dr. Bob Fagaly, Honeywell Inc., USA

Dr. Paul Sowman, Macquarie University, Australia

Superconducting sensors and detectors are fast growing fields in Superconductivity. They play an important role in a wide range of research and development areas, for example, quantum information, analytical instrumentation, synchrotron radiation, mineral exploration, security, astronomy and wireless communications. The IWSSD aims to bring together leading experts from all related areas to exchange the latest research results and information on superconducting sensors, detectors and their applications. The workshop will cover the following topics:

  1. SQUIDs, SQIFs and SQUID Applications
  2. Superconducting Photon Detectors, e.g. SSPD, TES, STJ
  3. Superconducting Device Fabrication/Processing/Scale-up/Material Properties
  4. SC Electronics for Microwave, THz and Communications
  5. Digital Electronics
  6. Cryogenics, Packaging, Implementation and Commercialization
  7. Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Engineering
  8. Other Novel Devices and Applications

The IEC-IEEE Superconducting Electronics Standardization Committee will also meet at IWSSD 2018.

The workshop will be held in Sydney, renowned for its beautiful harbour and for its iconic architecture the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, where you can climb to the top of the bridge, attend an opera at the Opera house, or stroll along beautiful Manly or Bondi beaches.

The Conference venue is the CSIRO West Lindfield Laboratories which is 15 km for the city centre.