1. David Beale, CSIRO L&W, “A systems biology approach to investigate PFAS exposure on wild freshwater turtle populations.”
  2. Vijay Dhamale (EMCR), Swinburne University, “Metabolic profiling to identify fundamental differences in toxic and non-toxic cyanobacterial strains.”
  3. Luke Husdell (EMCR), The University of Queensland/Griffith University, “Metabolomic analysis of Wolbachia-infected Aedes aegypti.”
  4. Thao Nguyen (EMCR), Auckland University of Technology, “LC-MS-based metabolomics and lipidomics investigation of abalone mortality in Cook Strait, New Zealand.”
  5. Amy Paten (EMCR), CSIRO L&W, “Multi-omics reveals a biphasic response in honey bee larvae exposed to imidacloprid and highlights impacts on developmental signaling and metabolism.”
  6. Sophia Escobar-Correas (EMCR), CSIRO A&F, “Proteo-genomics to explore a common weed for the presence of gluten-like proteins.”
  7. Pamela Alexandre (EMCR), CSIRO A&F, “What can competing endogenous RNA-networks tell us about viral response in Atlantic Salmon.”
  8. Selina Fyfe (EMCR), The University of Queensland/Griffith University, “NMR and FT-ICR-MS metabolomics of Australian native Green Plum fruit.”
  9. Alexandra Gloria (EMCR), The University of Queensland/Griffith University, “Comparing the metabolic effects of a moderate heat load to feed restriction in Bos taurus.”
  10. Omar Mendoza-Porras (EMCR), CSIRO A&F, “Using omics tools in aquaculture organisms.”
  11. Toni Reverter, CSIRO A&F, “A perspective on systems biology applications in livestock species.”
  12. Kern Webster (EMCR), The University of Queensland, “NMR Characterisation of Honey from Stingless Bees.”
  13. Juliana Muller Park (EMCR), Queensland University of Technology, “Prognostic value of metabolic alterations in saliva and plasma of glioblastoma patients.”
  14. Md Zakir Hossain (EMCR), CSIRO A&F, “CNN for Prediction of Yield Component Traits in Wheat from Transcriptome Data.”
  15. Juan Martinez (EMCR), Queensland University of Technology, “Repurposing keratin waste as a support for biocatalysts via keratin binding fusion modules.”
  16. Jonathan Peters (EMCR), The University of Queensland, “A flexible platform for enzymatic synthesis of mRNA.”
  17. Nizhum Rahman (EMCR), The University of Queensland, “A mathematical model for the axonal cargo transport.”
  18. James Antoney (EMCR), Queensland University of Technology,  “Improved Cofactor F420 production in Escherichia coli.”
  19. Muzaffar-Ur-Rehman Mohammed (EMCR), Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, “Systematic down selection of FDA/TGA approved drugs for repurposing against COVID-19.”
  20. Avinash Karpe, CSIRO L&W, “Glycolysis and oxidative stress related redox pathway upregulation along the gut-liver axis by gut microbial perturbation and host response during giardiasis in C57BL/6J mouse model.”
  21. Brandon Mu (EMCR), Queensland University of Technology, “Biorecycling and bioremediation of plastics and plasticizers by thermophilic enzymes from the Great Australian Artesian Basin.”
  22. Elif Tosun (EMCR), The University of Queensland, “The role of DLD in the toxicity and resistance mechanism of phosphine gas in Caenorhabditis elegans.”
  23. Brett Bolte (EMCR), CSIRO and Griffith University, “Exploiting Oysters as a natural eDNA sampling platform.”

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1. Beale  2. Dhamale 3. Husdell 4. Nguyen 5. Paten 6. Escobar-Correas
7.Alexandre 8. Fyfe 9. Gloria 10. Mendoza-Porras 11. Reverter 12. Webster

13. Muller Park 14. Hossain 15. Martinez 16. Peters 17. Rahman 18. Antoney
19. Muzaffar 20. Karpe  21. Mu   22. Tosun 23. Bolte